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01 April 2010 @ 06:09 pm
Hello everyone!

Sadly I came to notify you all about our status!

For despairsrayzero, I wanted to keep going on his translations until the end. But unfortunately we are, as you must have already noticed, on Hiatus. I thought I could handle, but my personal problems one more time interfered on my duties. I'm deeply sorry to disappoint those who were waiting for me, and all others who wishes this community to keep going.

Right now I don't have a PC, and this might be a situation that will keep on going for some time. But I really wanted the project of despairsrayzero to work, for this: I'm sorry! Because It's not fair to put all the work on the girls that kept going without me, and I believe they also have their own personal issues and couldn't keep on. It's not fair with you too, who enter here and don't see the translations.

That said, I'm putting the community on Hiatus (not just deleting it), and because I don't want to lose all the work of the girls (and my own) that was already done until now.

Sorry for this and I wish you all the very best. Keep on rocking the Despa love! :D

Jya ne. ;D
01 July 2009 @ 04:59 pm
2009-06-29 04:36:11


Damn it ! ディスパHERO3

They took it ~鼻血 Zero 右揺 

What I got in exchange is an itching pain ... (TN: What he got in exchange for the mosquito bite and he's quoting full metal alchemist here, the theory of exchange that when you want something, you need to give up something that has the same value.)

This is so regrettable 零13

By the way, won't the new series of Full metal alchemist be out on July 12th はてなマーク

But we won't be in Japan ドンッ

Oh Man ! ...

aバょ鼻血鼻血 Zero (see ya)

2009-06-29 15:05:49


Guess what I'm doing now ?

Isn't it fun ?♪

See ya

2009-06-29 20:20:00


The shooting's over ~GOOD

And by the way this time I was wearing my favorite item, the one on the picture音譜

About studs, they're usually empty inside

but these ones are full 鼻血 Zero

It's really thick and heavy 鼻血 Zero 右揺

I like it so much that I'm thinking I should buy one more 鼻血 Zero★2愛してる

Well, tomorrow is the shooting again so I should quickly go to bed  鼻血 Zero★2寝る2

Tomorrow's gonna be fun too 鼻血 Zero 興奮2 笑

aバょ鼻血鼻血 Zero (see ya)

01 July 2009 @ 03:12 pm
2009-06-28 14:41:42

Purple Umbrella

On rainy days I use this

Well then I'll get going to our meeting ☆

See ya
24 June 2009 @ 03:13 pm
2009-06-19 14:56:37


It looks like summer is finally catching up with me, doesn't it ?!

I wonder if it's soon gonna be 30℃…

It is what it is but it's no good …

See ya

2009-06-19 21:54:58


Tomorrow's Saturday.

The traffic is jammed ~

Today is hot so I wanna eat soumen (TN: Some kind of white thin noodles)♪

See ya

2009-06-19 23:03:34


I ate soumen GOOD

It came up to my mind today that's why I had it

Especially since I don't have any ingredients (Thanks to Bread for proofreading me!)...ディスパHERO3

But I was one step ahead perceiving summer you know ビックリマーク

I guess it won't catch up with me quickly 鼻血 Zero 興奮2 笑

aバょ鼻血鼻血 Zero (see ya)
24 June 2009 @ 02:34 pm
2009-06-18 12:42:07


I'm hungry !

Today, from now on I have a meeting and

a meeting and

a meeting and

an appointment at the hairdresser and

Pre-production ♪

But first I'm just gonna have Yakiniku but I have to eat something ☆

See ya 

2009-06-18 21:53:53


I cut it!

It's a miraculous feeling every time I touch my head ☆

See ya

2009-06-18 22:48:06

It's here, isn't it

It's here, it's here, it's here, it's here

It finally came out , you know* ビックリマーク

It's here, isn't it ? *   鼻血 Zero 興奮2 笑

The iPhone 3.0 version GOOD

With this I can finally do what I've been desiring so much, copy-paste text messages 音譜

With the iPhone3GS I can use animated icons

But with the iPhone3G I guess I really can't 零20はてなマーク

aバょ鼻血 鼻血 Zero (see ya)

TN*: He used different kanji in the 1st sentence, the one for "North", the one for "came", the one for "wore" and the katakana, but they all have the same pronunciation "kita"="it's here"/"it came". Then in the second line he used the kanji for north and root wich is pronunced "kita ne", so in the third sentence he wrote it again but this time in katakana.

16 June 2009 @ 12:40 am
2009-06-09 00:22:26


"Today is MUCC's day" ~鼻血 Zero 興奮2 笑 (TN: it was June 9th, 06/09=69=MUCC)

I thought and I started giving peta

But there are lot's of people with MUCC's mark 零21

They're not all the same person rightはてなマーク

3 months from now, on September 9th, it's gonna be Despa's dayGOOD

I wonder if it's ok to start looking forward to it はてなマークはてなマーク

aバょ鼻血鼻血 Zero( see ya)

2009-06-09 00:58:05


MUCC-sanあし MUCC-san あし MUCC-san あし

MUCC-san appears a lot ~ムック

But somehow, in the middle of giving peta 零21

MUWA-san appeared 鼻血 Zero 右揺

It scared the crap out of me...ディスパHERO3

aバょ鼻血鼻血 Zero (see ya)

2009-06-09 07:31:2

Brilliant achievement

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaackGOOD

Man, I'm sleepy 鼻血 Zero 右揺

Nevertheless, this time we're really progressing

at a surprising pace ! 鼻血 Zero 興奮2 笑

Amazing ~ZERO

aバょ鼻血鼻血 Zero (see ya)
15 June 2009 @ 11:25 pm
2009-06-08 11:47:42



I overslept!!

dangerous, dangerous…

Well isn't it time to record the cool bass ? ♪

Today again, the first shot we'll be the right one ~☆

see ya

2009-06-08 16:42:32

Low sound

The recording of the bass is done GOOD

Now we're gonna record the guitar 鼻血 Zero

And finally the arrangementsビックリマーク

From now on lot's of diverse colors are gonna be visible 鼻血 Zero 興奮2 笑

Looking forward to it 音譜

aバょ鼻血鼻血 Zero (see ya)

2009-06-08 21:55:43

Six strings

It took a proper shape GOOD

I wonder if everyone can hear the sound of the guitar はてなマーク

if you can't hear it, your love spirit is enough...ZERO

aバょ鼻血鼻血 Zero(see ya)

04 June 2009 @ 12:17 am
2009-05-30 00:13:08


I talk about how much you read in autumn but

these days the rainy season has come right ?鼻血 Zero

So I strongly thought about something new GOOD

A rain of readers ZERO

On rainy days let's all together become registered readers of lot's of people's blogs ! 鼻血 Zero 興奮2 笑

aバょ鼻血鼻血 Zero (see ya)

2009-05-30 12:04:30


おハょ鼻血 Zero★2愛してる (Good morning)

Today I'm starting the day with tomatoes鼻血 Zero

But mountain-shaped tomatoes ~鼻血 Zero 右揺

Sweeeeeet 鼻血 Zero 興奮2 笑

The sweetness of tomatoes is really Goo GOOD d ZERO

D'licious 鼻血 Zero★2んまい

aバょ鼻血鼻血 Zero (see ya)

2009-05-30 12:22:24

Shopping *

There really are many pictures but

I thought I'd do some propaganda** before the FinalGOOD

The first one is the tank top made by Mr H.キラキラ

'Cause it's already quite hot outside

How about wearing it over something else はてなマーク

Of course Mr H. wears it without anything under ZERO

The next one is Mr T.'s money box キラキラ

Sudden expenses, that feeling won't die off...金欠

But if during those times you give up saving in the money box

What's been saved won't be a mistake 鼻血 Zero

I wonder if Mr T.'s love spirit is also locked inside this live limited editionビックリマークはてなマーク

Next is Mr K.'s zippo. キラキラ

Undoubtedly,  the flame of love  ジッポ 

Mr K. is always inflaming his cigarettes but

But this flame is supposed to reaffirm his love to you all GOOD

With the flame of love you can also reaffirm your love 音譜

And then, at last GOOD

Everyone already knows about my sleeveless parka キラキラ

For short :  a battle dress 鼻血 Zero 右揺

Since you know already too much about it I don't think you need further explanation, do youはてなマーク

Anyway my dream which won't ever come true is

that every member buys the battle dress 

That the battle dress = a combat uniform

By the way, in commemoration : CAMEDIA SO-570UZカメラ

I wanna be the Zero-ranger 音譜 of the Devil King squadron, but

I'm just having fun in my illusions ...零9

There are lots of other D'espairsRay's tour goods

So please come have a look a the sale corner of the venue, ok ? GOOD

aバょ鼻血鼻血 Zero (see ya)

2009-05-30 19:49:10


The rehearsal is finished GOOD

I wanna try using my substitute Tricksy *** but

there's a very high-tech circuit inside

This is something I musn't tamper with

I gave up trying to use it for today ...零6

But I feel like it's gonna make its debut again

in the near future 鼻血 Zero 興奮2 笑

Well then tomorrow we're gonna turn ourselves towards a break, but slowly   ディスパHERO4

aバょ鼻血鼻血 Zero (see ya)

2009-05-30 20:33:33

Getting in the way


This time the product I'm gonna introduce is :

The Psychedelic Parade T-shirt 音譜

The meaning for it is that it's everyone's uniform 鼻血 Zero

If you prefer, it also exists in red GOOD

But of course lives are hot so you can't really change, right ? キラキラ

Next are straps for your mobile phone 音譜

This time I think there are really niceビックリマーク

But unfortunately I can't put them on my iPhone...零9

But you guys are going to put them on your mobile phones, rightはてなマーク

It matches your feeling well キラキラ

There are many items on the next picture but the item concerned is  

The mufflar towel 音譜

Just like the T-shirt it's an absolute necessity for hot lives ビックリマーク

'Cause if you sweat and leave it like this you'll catch a cold, you know ?  鼻血 Zero 右揺

I'm worried about everyone's health キラキラ

And then once the tour is over go ahead and use it as a bathroom towel チョキ

It's the kind of thing that'll make you remember how much fun the live was

when you're thinking randomly in the toilets GOOD

And then the raw pictures, set Q and R音譜

It's like if you buy those we'll be disturbing your houses ビックリマークビックリマーク

Also called simulation set ZERO

Good to decorate  GOOD

Good to collect  GOOD

○○○ also good to print GOOD

The way to use it depends on you GOOD

"There's lots of things I want but I can't carry everything" you'll say 鼻血 Zero 右揺

But we also sell things like paper bags so please, make sure to buy it all. キラキラ

aバょ鼻血鼻血 Zero (see ya)


TN* : word play here, he actually used the characters 回= time (like in "this time") and 者= individual, but those two characters are read "kai" and "mono" and "kaimono" = shopping.
** : he used the character for publicity/promotion/, but it can also mean propaganda so I chose to translate it this way 'cause he's really not going lightly on promotion here!
***: What's a trixie ?!?! "Tricksy" thanks to communistmuffin 
****: Ok, I didn't translate the first two sentences cause it's a very difficult word play and it was giving me a headache! the original sentences are :

いやビックリマーク邪魔ネット マカイですGOOD" if someone wants to give it a try, dozo ! 
Check the comments for some kind of answer
03 June 2009 @ 11:41 pm
2009-05-29 04:59:28


Lots of those came out GOOD

The oldest one, on the upper left corner, dates back from around 2004, you know ?鼻血 Zero

Still, I was in the mood to create other various picks  

But even I can't remember what kind 鼻血 Zero 右揺

Want some はてなマーク

aバょ鼻血鼻血 Zero(see ya)

2009-05-29 19:55:03


At last it's done!

The color is the one I'm using these days, so you can only slightly tell the difference ~

It's way cool ☆

I can't wait to hear the sound come out of it ♪

see ya

2009-05-29 22:10:23


I'm... back GOOD

I went to ESP today 鼻血 Zero

How-ever, I made a huge mistake ...零9

When I went back home and changed into my dressing gownビックリマーク

Something fell from my pocket 鼻血 Zero 左揺2

Of course it was as I thought 鼻血 Zero 右揺

I had forgotten to put back the picks 鼻血 Zero 右揺

"ahhhhhh" my fingerprints ! 鼻血 Zero 興奮2 笑

Well, can't be helped I guess ...ZERO

aバょ鼻血鼻血 Zero (see ya)

2009-05-29 23:55:00


Today I seized the opportunity to go to  Shibuya's BIG BOSS branch.

I made a purchase for the final of the best-dresserGOOD

Something that's meant to be 鼻血 Zero

But don't get your hopes too high please ok ?キラキラ

aバょ鼻血鼻血 Zero (see ya)

28 May 2009 @ 09:44 am
2009-05-25 10:30:16


おハょ鼻血 Zero★2愛してる [TN: Ohayo; Good morning]

I sleep for a super long timeビックリマーク

My head feel funny~ 鼻血 Zero

I can't sleep for a long period of time as I thought... 鼻血 Zero★2 涙

a バ ょ 鼻血 鼻血 Zero

2009-05-25 11:06:41


I'm equipping the bullet GOOD

Seems that the persons with good perception already understood that 鼻血 Zero 右揺

I'm surprise キラキラ

We~ll the day that I'll participate of BD is closeはてなマーク

a バ ょ 鼻血 鼻血 Zero

2009-05-25 16:54:35

Koro [TN: Korosuke from Kiteretsu]

I used the Illustrator!

Who it resemble?


2009-05-25 17:33:10

Way of the Samurai

You're already dead 鼻血 Zero [TN: Kenshiro (Hokuto no Ken) signature phrase]

a バ ょ 鼻血 鼻血 Zero

2009-05-25 22:40:42

Good Luck

Lucky number GOOD

Thanks for the ones that informed me 鼻血 Zero

I wonder if I can update my ameblog 1000 times within a short time frameはてなマーク

I'll work hard マッスル

a バ ょ 鼻血 鼻血 Zero